Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

Country: Denmark
MADE - Manufacturing Academy of Denmark has since 2014 been the Danish national initiative for research, innovation and education within advanced manufacturing. MADE is designated the national Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. The vision is to make Denmark the world's leading manufacturing nation. MADE UNIQUE SELLING POINTS: - Among the first recognized DIHs in Europe –building strong and trust-based industry & research collaborations, that proved impact after few years dedication Receiver of the to date (2018) largest national Research and Innovation grant to run the MADE DIGITAL program, introducing I4.0 in a Danish version adopted to the many SMEs - MADE was in the fall 20202 appointed National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, receiving grants to lead the Innovation network activities 2021-2023. This also includes initiation of European innovation projects, where Danish SMEs in alliance with Danish RTO collaborate and learn from selected European RTOs. - MADE members have since the foundation in 2014 grown from 26 to 250+ members and have become known as an attractive partnership between industry, researchers and other manufacturing enthusiasts. MADE counts only 14 employees and few student assistants, who together coordinates the activities taking place at the companies, universities and RTOs The secret behind the success can be summarized as: having a vision, the right people, structure, discipline and trust. - That facilitated the shift from Danish industry decline to growth and a national platform program into a recognized eco system and DIH with impact. SERVICE OFFERINGS from MADE are: Applied research and innovation projects designed and tailormade to industrial needs. Innovation through knowledge sharing at Open labs, company visits, seminars Support education through working with technical schools, academics, universities Matchmaking of researchers, RTOs and companies across sectors, geography and size
Local Evangelist(s) in Robotics: Merete Nørby